Show Kindness: Wear Your Mask, Please.

Hi, My name is Selah . I am the CEO of An Amazing Kid Co and I am 9 years old. Almost all of my life, I have been trying to be kind. My life goal is to make this world a kind and safe place for everybody. I know a lot of different ways we can all be kind but today, I want to encourage everybody to wear a mask to show kindness.

I know some of you may not want to wear masks but it is for your safety and for everybody’s safety around you. Do you want the coronavirus to go away? Do you want to see your friends again? If you don’t wear a mask, it means we will all have to wait longer before we can be with our friends. I see my friends when we have online meetings and we are all so hopeful that this coronavirus would go away. If we all work together, we can make it go away so we can all enjoy our friends. It’s a lot more fun to be kind that way.

My mom told me some people don’t want to wear masks because they don’t want someone telling them what to do. I get it. I’m a kid so someone is always telling me what to do. I also don’t want to see anyone else get sick. My mom was so sad when her friend got sick and when my grandma got sick. They are both doing better now but it was really scary for a while. I don’t want anybody to feel that bad with sickness or with worry when someone you love gets sick. So, that’s why I’m wearing a mask and why I’m asking (not telling) you to wear one, too.

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