Kindness Campaign 2020 Overview

What is the Kindness Campaign?

The Kindness Campaign 2020 is a movement to establish kindness as a normal way to interact.

The first phase of the campaign is to get your shirt to show your support for the campaign. All proceeds from the shirt sales will be used to support the other campaign activities. We want to make shirts available to any child unable to purchase their own shirts so we welcome sponsorships and gifts. Our shop allows buyers to have shirts sent to us. We will gift those shirts to children who express an interest in participating in the campaign as a Field Star (anyone who wants to spread community based acts of kindness in partnership with the activities of the campaign).

The second phase of the campaign is the most active part. Each month we will encourage our friends (that’s you) to complete an act of kindness and then encourage others to do the same by posting their experience on social media. These acts will correspond with commemorative dates each month. For example, the June act may be to do something kind for dads in your community as an additional acknowledgment of Father’s Day. 

The final phase of the campaign is simply giving. This campaign is not a money making venture though we need your support to make the experience available to as many children as we can reach. The other benefactor of any proceeds will be the University of Virginia Children’s Center. If you have any reservations about giving to the campaign, then please consider giving directly to the children’s hospital at UVA Gifts. Ryan Lightner is our Development contact. You can reach him to give a tax deductible donation at Tell him AnAmazingKidCo. sent you.

Why did you create the Kindness Campaign?

Everyone needs kindness whether they know it or not. Too many people are faced with negative experiences, negative people, and too little kindness in this world. Sometimes adults set a good example but sometimes they don’t. Some kids have at least one really good friend while some kids go to school hoping they don’t get bullied. Just like adults, even the bully needs kindness.

We created this Kindness Campaign so we can make kindness normal for everybody. We aren’t calling it a challenge because being kind isn’t hard. It’s a campaign because everybody can participate AND you can tell other people about it, too.

How can I get involved?

  • Purchase a shirt for yourself at our online store (click shirt below)
  • Purchase a shirt for someone else and have it sent to An Amazing Kid Co.
  • Connect with An Amazing Kid Co. on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter then share Kindness Campaign posts to your social media
  • Donate directly to AnAmazingKidCo via Venmo or PayPal at @AnAmazingKidCo or at via Cash App at $AnAmazingKidCo
  • Donate directly to UVA Children’s Hospital at (UVA Gifts)
Online Store
Click shirt to go to online store. Other colors available.