KC 2020 Review

Our plan for the Kindness Campaign was to create a movement to establish kindness as a normal way to interact. We were hosting events and activities and creating partnerships with other people in our community to show kindness, teach kindness. and celebrate kindness. It was very disappointing to have most of our activities canceled because of COVID restrictions but it was even more important to keep working on the Kindness Campaign. We kept believing that people needed little acts of kindness and being kind helped us cope with everything as well. We appreciate everyone who supported us, partnered with us, and who fervently understand the power of kindness. Because of all of you, we consider the Kindness Campaign 2020 a beautiful success.

PLEASE NOTE: When we say, “WE,” we aren’t talking about the people who live in our house or work for An Amazing Kid Co. We are talking about all of the donors, encouragers, volunteers, and partners who gave their time, money, energy, prayers, and encouragement to this movement. We (in this house and in this company) couldn’t have done it without you!

We wanted to encourage people to make it known that they were a part of the move to make kindness normal, so Selah created a simple T-shirt with this powerful message. All of the funds were donated to the UVA Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t as much as we wanted to give but we appreciate everyone who purchased a shirt. We rounded up our final amount to donate $300 to the Children’s Hospital.

You can continue the generosity by giving here.

Several organizations came together to collect supplies for our neighbors at the Shelter for Help in Emergency and The Haven. We donated more than 1800 items in our community and partnered with a church in our hometown to give to homeless shelters there, too.

You can continue the generosity by giving to S.H.E. here and the Haven here.

My School Counselor helped me with the drive at my school. We created a friendly competition between the grades. My family hosted an Ice Cream party for every kid in the grade level that gave the most to the Homeless Shelter Drive. Another one of our partner schools got a pizza party instead.

When the pandemic started and the lockdown happened, we were really disappointed because all of our events were getting cancelled. We had to be a little more creative and figured the best place to start was in our own neighborhood. We walked from house to house, leaving fliers on cars, talking to neighbors from the street, and connecting people with buddy neighbors to be sure none of our neighbors would be alone.

As the lockdown dragged on, it was getting really frustrating and a little scary. We wanted to find a way to make people smile so we donated to food drives, held signs on the street to thank people who had to keep working, created chalk art, and hid kindness rocks for people to find.

Kindess is wearing your mask! I did a PSA to encourage members of our community to wear their masks to help keep everyone safe and healthy. I was SO nervous but I wearing masks is SO important. Doing the PSA gave me some ideas for the biggest project of all: The Smile Mask for Teachers Fundraiser.

Some kids were going back to school in person but everyone had to wear masks so they couldn’t see their teachers mouths. Students who have challenges with hearing, learning, or who are learning English would learn better if they could see thier teachers mouth as they spoke and others would probably appreciate seeing their teachers’ smiles. So, I started a fundraiser to pay for masks for teachers. At first I asked for donations, then I gave up my birthday, and finally I partnered with two AMAZING business owners. It took a lot but we finally reached our goal of $2,000! It wouldn’t have been possible without our friends at The Kindness Cafe + Play and Croby’s Urban Vittles.

The fundraiser took a lot of time and effort but we wanted to continue reaching out to people to be kind. That’s normal, right? Our friends at Givlets helped us do that with their little boxes of hugs for homeless people in our community. Have you ever seen somone asking for help while you’re driving around and you didn’t know what you could do? If you said, Yes. You need Givlets. Each box has a few necessities (toothbrush, cereal bar, socks, etc.) that you can give. They fit in your glove compartment so you’ll never be stuck without a way to help and encourage someone in our community who is in need.

After several months of the Smile Mask Fundraiser, and testing different brands of smiles masks, we decided to buy our masks from Rafi Nova. We only wanted to give the very best to teachers so we had to go with Rafi Nova! Our friends at RafiNova were so generous that we were able to donate 600 masks to teachers at 10 schools!

Two of our Kindness Campaign partners donated money so we could give free t-shirts to other kids. We were going to give Kindness Campaign 2020 T-shirts to kids at the Step Up for Down Syndrome event but it was cancelled. We kept hoping for other opportunities to give shirts to kids but it never happened in 2020. So, we designed a new shirt (we didn’t want to give kids shirts with 2020 on it in 2021) to just celebrate other amazing kids! We have partnered with a lead teacher at one of our community schools to give to amazing students.


We can’t thank you enough for all you have done to support An Amazing Kid Co., the UVA Children’s hospital, several homeless shelters, and the awesome teachers who serve so many amazing kids. We’re looking forward to other partnerships and projects and opportunities to show kindness, teach kindness, and celebrate kindness. If you’d like a sneak preview, check out the project of one of our newest friends, Bennett’s Village.