Real Superheroes Wear Camo

My mom asked me who I want to bless because I am so blessed. I told her I wanted to bless the people who fought for our country. Then she asked me how I wanted to bless them so I told her I wanted to give them an ice cream party with sprinkles! I was so excited!!! Our party was AWESOME!!! So, we’re gonna do it again as a part of the Kindness Campaign 2020!! Yay, vets and sprinkles!!!

Last year, we treated our vets to a free lunch, ice cream and a goodie bag of candy. We were even able to donate the EXTRA MONEY to vets who needed help paying for a place to live at The Crossings! With your help, we can make the 2020 party the BEST ever!!! You can read more about the party and see more really cool pictures on this blog post.