It’s always time to be kind!

If you’re reading this, you’re sworn to secrecy. Don’t tell Derick, Selah’s dad. He’s a sports as competition kinda dude. Fun is secondary. He calls it a simple truth, I call it janky. When we debate it, we all call it comedy!

Janky – shady, suspect, sketchy

Selah played in her second basketball game on Saturday. She always has so much fun and she’s really improving her game. She’s pretty confident and protects the ball well.

At some point, a player from the other team tried to steal the ball but Selah held on and the other player fell to the floor. Selah stopped dribbling, checked to see if the other player was ok, then started dribbling to advance the ball. If you know basketball, you know she got called for a walk which turned the ball over to the other team.

After the game, I celebrated her sportsmanship. We high fived with an exclamatory, “It’s always time to be kind!”

Derick, eyes wide open, “There’s plenty of time for kindness AFTER the game!”

We’re working on him.

2 thoughts on “It’s always time to be kind!”

  1. I’m so happy that someone is reminding the world how far kindness can go and how it can change others lives! What a bright light and beautiful thing to be a blessing to others.


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